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Writing a cover letter using story-mapping tools

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Writing a cover letter using a story-mapping tool

When I have to write a cover letter, I imagine making a bottle of coke using words. Then i shake the bottle and when I open the cap, magically, only the words that are necessary for my cover letter shoot out of the bottle and line up on the paper! Or I imagine getting hit by a car so I will not have to write a cover letter until I get out of the hospital. How comforting...

Yep, I hate writing cover letters.

If you share my feelings, I suggest you look for alternate ways of creating cover letters that will make you feel more sincere, comfortable and creative too. I can't tell if you will get an interview, but at least you will have fun writing/making your letter and you will realize that thanks to different tools you see and present yourself from multiple angles.

Recently, while searching for mapping tools for my story-telling project, I found out about Northwestern University Knight Lab and wrote a cover letter using a story-mapping tool that was developed by this lab.

Here is my letter (minus a few paragraphs that I am still working on) :

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