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My AFS Presentation

A screenshot of my Story-Map, Human Landscapes

    This year, The American Folklore Society annual meeting took place in Buffalo, NY in October, 17-20. It was my first time at this conference and first conference presentation in a long long while. I talked about my Human Landscapes Story Mapping Project. 

    Currently, I am employed by Penn State University, but I applied to the conference before I was employed. Therefore, my name tag said I was an independent participant. I think, being independent helped me a great deal in socializing. I didn't belong with any specific circle or academic hierarchy which made it easier to meet people from many different circles - no pre-judgements, prejudices, overrating or under-playing but a lot of curiosity.

I am very thankful to all the ideas, opinions and knowledge that were so generously shared by many wonderful story lovers I have met.

Here is the ppt of my presentation!

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