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Do you teach Intercultural Communication or have students from all around the world?

If your answer is yes! , then I suggest you play Barnga Game with your students or participants.

Barnga is an intercultural simulation game played with cards. I played Barnga for the first time as an International House fellow in New York during leadership training. I was really impressed with cultural realizations we had by playing this game. Now, it is an indispensable part of Intercultural Training workshops that I lead.

To play Barnga, you need:

  • At least 6 participants.

  • A table for each group.

  • 1 deck of cards per group.

  • A piece of paper and a pen for each table.

Through this game participants realize:

  • Culture is shared and learned.

  • Most of the time cultural rules are unspoken and we don't become conscious of cultural practices and rules until they are challenged or until we are exposed to a different way of doing things.

  • Gestures and body language are culture specific (because participants aren't allowed to speak during the game.)

  • Reconciliation and conflict resolution are inevitable and very significant elements of intercultural interactions.

Please follow this link to see instructions for Barnga:

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