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Creative Writing Workshop

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

I offered a 7 week long Creative Writing Workshop at Neusoft University in Dalian, China. All my students were studying in the English Department. Since this was going to be the first time the school was offering a Creative Writing Workshop, the department chair asked me to prepare a ppt describing the workshop. This ppt was then, sent to all the Chinese teachers in the department so that they could explain their students what the workshop was about and encourage them to apply.

I ended up having 12, very enthusiastic, explorative, and brave students who had never practiced Creative Writing before in their lives. We followed a syllabus that focused on how to write a story, but the activities I designed addressed students` linguistic, social, and communicative needs as speakers of English as a foreign language.

We ended the workshop series with a public reading session. Here is one of my students, Danny, reading an excerpt from her creative work:

My students showed their appreciation by writing in the schools official blog about our workshop. The article is in Chinese, but you may enjoy seeing our pictures while at work at multiple locations in Dalian such as The Museum of Natural History and a local book-cafe.

Here is what we did in class in week 2 & 3 . If you would like to see more, please contact me.

Reminder: In China, I used the name Emma to make things easier for my students and colleagues.

Important Note: The picture and the video you see on this page are shared with the consent of my students.

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